Dear EOFT Event Attendees,

We are so excited to soon be able to welcome you again to our events!

We have been working behind the scenes with local authorities for the past several weeks and are pleased to report that we have outlined a plan that will allow us to safely resume a modified version of our event schedule.

The upshot is that all attendees must review in advance and comply with the safety and hygiene rules. Observing these rules will ensure that everyone has a relaxed and enjoyable experience at the event.

Following is a summary of all pertinent information:

1. Purchasing a Ticket

To reduce physical contact, we recommend that you buy tickets online via our website at

Tickets can also be purchased at local retailers and at the box office. Please note that you may experience waiting in long queues when buying tickets at the box office!

2. Contact Tracing

In order to trace a possible chain of infection, we are required to record the contact details of all event attendees.

• The ticket holder and the actual event attendee must be the same.
• The contact data can be updated online at any time in advance using the QR code on the ticket.
• The data provided will be used exclusively for tracing purposes and either submitted to the public health department, if necessary, or deleted after a specified period of time.
• Persons who refuse to give their contact details may be excluded from the event.

3. Admission

The event is accessible via a contactless ticket scan. Please arrive early to avoid long queues at the entrance.

What do I have to do?
• If you have a ticket with your name on it—great! Please have your photo ID ready so we can confirm it is you. You do not have to register again at the event; this happens automatically via your ticket scan at the entrance. The ticket does not have to be redeemed at the box office.
• If you have a ticket without a name (e.g., one bought at a retailer or the box office), you must register digitally at the event entrance (by scanning the QR code on the ticket) or at the box office. After you have entered your contact details, please have the ticket as well as your photo ID ready so we can confirm it is you.

4. Intermission

In order to keep the program running smoothly and safely, there will be no intermission.

5. Mandatory Mask/Mouth-Nose Cover

Employees and attendees are required to wear masks throughout the building, including when entering and leaving the auditorium and when using the restrooms. You may remove your mask only while sitting in your seat inside the auditorium.

Please also keep the required minimum distance of 1.5 meters at all times (see more below).

6. Disinfectant Dispensers

There will be several disinfectant dispensers available for your use.

7. Physical Distancing

Please observe the physical distancing requirement of 1.5 meters. In order to also ensure this inside the auditorium, we have reduced the number of available seats. At the moment, we cannot guarantee adjacent seating.

8. Hygiene Rules

Please observe each location's standard rules of hygiene, which are posted onsite.

9. Intensive Cleaning

At each location, there is an intensive cleaning schedule in place specific to the latest regulations.

10. Excluded Persons

Persons excluded from attending and participating in our events include anyone who:
• Knowingly had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient within the last 14 days
• Shows unspecific general symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any severity

Should anyone develop symptoms during the event, they must leave immediately.

11. Corona Warning App

We recommend using the official Corona-Warn-App developed by the German government.

We place the greatest importance on protecting your health and, at the same time, strive to offer you the best possible experience given these difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you again soon at one of our events.

Stay healthy!
Your Outdoor-Ticket Team