Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2022 OPEN AIR

The best films of the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival are on tour in Open Air cinemas!

Please note: Due to the current situation, tickets for open air events will not be sold via Outdoor-Ticket but by the Open Air Cinemas. Unfortunately, it will therefore not be possible to use Outdoor-Ticket vouchers for this purchase.

These films are part of the programme:

FOLLOW THE LIGHT: Mountain biker Kilian Bron winds through the tuff formations of Cappadocia. A drone is always right on his tail, or is it the other way around?
REEL ROCK: ACTION DIRECTE: French climber Mélissa Le Nevé attempts the world's legendary first 9a. Can she become the first woman to conquer the 'Action Directe'?
THE ULTIMATE RUN: Deep snow, glacier, ice cave, piste, and park—freerider Markus Eder makes the ultimate ski descent, leaving no terrain un"turn"ed.
TRUSTFALL: Wingsuit flyers Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes test sophisticated choreography for the first time on a BASE jump from a height of just 1500 meters.
CAN'T BEAT THIS PLACE FOR FUN: We get an exclusive look at a workshop that builds and restores the legendary Grand Canyon Dories, perfect for a river run through the scenic canyon.
A DOG'S TALE: Happy memories: a trail dog's life well lived. Trail dogs are the best bike buddies ever, their four legs often faster and more agile than two wheels.
ASCEND: REFRAMING DISABILITY IN THE OUTDOORS: Athlete Vasu Sojitra wants to promote diversity in outdoor sports, encouraging everyone—no matter their differences—to explore nature's wonders.
IF YOU GIVE A BEACH A BOTTLE: Art from waste. With watercolors, artist Max Romey documents the plastic pollution in our oceans and inspires us to action.
MY MIDSUMMER MORNING: With no money or credit card, Alastair Humphreys busks his way across Spain—a risky endeavor when his violin playing is that of an absolute beginner.
INSIDE – A HOLE NEW SKI EXPERIENCE: On a ski tour in Slovenia, freeriders Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger take an unusual ascent route and embark on a caving expedition.

More info on the films are available here.


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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Open Air 2022

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